Design Stories

Photoshoot with Hemant – First Couture Collection

Our first Couture collection at Aphrodite by Nags, custom prints, designed by the designer, pattern making and finishing skills that tested the team. Aesthetics and knowledge, that tested the strengths of the designer, all put together creating these amazing collections. What we see here is a pret collection titled, ‘Peek a boo’, a little naughty, a little flirty and a whole lot sensuous, a collection created using Pure silk georgettes, crepes and satin silks; the second pret collection, titled, ‘the crow, the sparrow, the dragonfly herald’, a collection giving an ode to the disappearing wilderness in urban society which the designer could enjoy in his own backyard in those days of yore, made from different weaves of silk. Finally, the couture collection titles, ‘circue de folie’, which means circus of madness, is a collection which gives ode to the burlesque days of the past wherein garments of couture were mostly sewn by hand and each garment were made painstakingly, sometimes over days of hard work and love!

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