Fashion Forecast: Fashion Terminology: Chic Leisure

Colour: The moods and meanings of colours, What you radiate

Menswear: Looking Dapper: What to wear: Based on Body

Fashion Photoshoots and Collaborations (Collabs)

Skin Tones and Colours that suit your skin Tone

Fashion Designers – What to do and What not to do

Womenswear: What to wear (and possibly what not to wear)

‘8’ Body Shape or the Hourglass Body – What to wear for your body type?

‘H’ Body Shape or Rectangle Body Shape or Athletic

‘V’ Body Shape of the Apple Body or Inverted Triangle

‘A’ Body Shape or the Pear or Triangle Body Shapeor Carrot Body Shape

‘O’ Body Shape or Orange Body – What to wear for your body type?

The two types of designers we encounter

The Fashion Design Process – Concept to Design

The Elements of Fashion Design

The Importance of Technical Knowledge in Fashion Design

The importance of the ‘Black Book’ for every designer

My first Avante-Garde/Couture Collection