Womenswear: What to wear (and possibly what not to wear) for your body type and what colours to wear for your skin colour?

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This is a very tricky subject even for the trained eye. But, there are rules, that when followed, allows us to present ourselves in our best, after all! Who wishes to present their worst in a civilized world? Don’t all of us wish to be appreciated the way we present ourselves? Who doesn’t hunger for appreciation and to be noticed? Who doesn’t crave for attention? Aren’t we all humans who crave for a little attention?

There are many factors which affect the aesthetics of how we dress. I will address the most common and widely accepted factors on average such as:-

  1. Your Body Type
  2. Your Skin Colour
  1. I will first address the different Body Types and ascertain the silhouette styles that suit your body type.
  2. Then I will address your skin colour and ascertain what colours suit your skin tone.

Thus, each of us can puzzle together the different pieces and decide what silhouette styles look best on each one of us and what are the best colours of choice.

To start off, I would suggest you to take a good look at yourself in front of the mirror or even better, look at a recent photograph of yourself (or with mobile phones these days, just take one) taken in front of you at a perpendicular angle (Think of it like a full body mugshot of yourself) and have a good look at it. Visually you should be able to determine the width comparable to the other factors given below (as to which area is wider than the other factors).

Analyse the sizes of

  1. Shoulder round
  2. Bust Width
  3. Waist width
  4. Hip Width

(like which area amongst the above 4 factors are wider or leaner)

These four factors determine the shape of your body. And then, there is also the factor that if you are a Plus Sized Figure (which I will be addressing separately under each Body Shape). There are many terminologies in the internet for body shapes and sizes, I will (to my knowledge) specify the ones that I am aware of. They are:-

  1. ‘A’ Body Shape or the Pear or Triangle Body Shape or Carrot Body Shape
  2. ‘V’ Body Shape of the Apple Body or Inverted Triangle Body Shape
  3. ‘H’ Body Shape or Rectangle Body Shape or Athletic Body Shape
  4. ‘8’ Body Shape or the Hourglass Body
  5. ‘O’ Body Shape or Orange Body

To go to the details of the above, about what to wear and what not to wear, click on the above links to go and understand about your body type.

Bibliography : Although whatever I have written is original, as well as the Body Shape Images I have used are original, created by me; I have made some references to grab on to the idea, using a lot of my visualization and representation techniques of body types and women. I admit I have taken imagery for visual purposes of the reader to visually understand the looks better from here and there, as well as some study material to refresh me from the below blogs and sites.



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